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Welcome to Professional Drivers Bureau Inc.

Professional Drivers Bureau (PDB) has been proudly serving the Trucking Industry for over 15 years - some of our Members have been with us since the beginning making full use of Canada’s only national database of 310,000+ driver profiles. 60% of investigations reveal the database having information (places of employment, accidents/tickets, failed drug tests) that the driver omitted on his/her application. A Bureau report will help to give you complete knowledge of the applicant & this puts you in control of who is representing your company.
In the unfortunate event of a tragic accident, our report will provide evidence that Your Company has performed proper due-diligence. It gives you an accurate profile on a driver’s work history. It is a very important component of the driver file in the event of a DOT and/or Insurance audit.
Your Risk-Management team takes many factors into consideration. PDB can be instrumental in supplying this information on potential drivers. We do not wish to replace your Safety & Compliance or Recruiting Department. We only want to be that ‘extra’ tool your Safety/Recruiting Departments can use.
By using the Bureau for all your potential hires, you will have up-to-date and an accurate file, showing that due-diligence has been done. The benefits far outweigh the costs as 200+ member carriers strongly believe.

Get to know your applicants !

High driver turnover / Costly recruitment

PDB will help lower your driver turnover by helping you hire the right drivers! Stop spending money on white papers, red ink, truck driver hats and coffee cups. If your truck driver turnover rate is over 20% you’re going to lose in the market or at the very least have soft profits, mad customers, high auto liability costs, too many claims, poor supervision, lousy revenue growth rates and your own poor health.

Ask yourselves these three questions…

  1. How many owner operators have you seen go broke over the past year?
  2. How many good owner operators have you lost?
  3. How much does it cost you to put a new driver/truck on the road?
Professional Drivers Bureau 2010 Inc. has come up with a new program that will take the industry by storm. The Repair Trust Fund is a program that is very similar to a deductible buy-down insurance. Click here for Repair Trust Fund information